75 mm is not dead.

„Save the duckbill“

Feeling the smooth flex, having a little lateral movement and the need for a good telemark technic to bring the innerski on the edge. Telemark with 75 mm duckbill is the original telemark feeling.

Since NTN has been developed from Rottefella a long time ago, the 75 mm system has moved more and more in the background. Brands like G3 and Black Diamond has stopped their production for telemark equipment and Rottefella is not producing 75 mm telemark bindings anymore.

75 mm Telemark is not dead, there are still enough 75 mm suppliers on the market.

Telemark Pyrenees is offering almost all 75 mm suppliers for boots and bindings and also NTN gear. 

Boots: Crispi

Crispi XR

This boot does not need any description. This is the best Telemark Freeride boot par excellence, and who goes to employ it knows what we are talking about. The performance offered by XR are unquestionable and to catch these emotions it should be absolutely experienced. The side cut feeling is immediate thanks to revolutionary use of Carbon inside the shell; “Carbon Power Insole®” and “Carbon Power Support®” are the main technologies CRISPI® patented dedicates to the exigent target of PRO RIDERS: on matter of fact they do not need anything else than top performances by the Free Riding! Hard flexion, Pebax® shell and the revolutionary “Power Extention Cuff”. Micrometrical aluminium buckles, Velcro with 5th buckle function and rear Walk system for a quick change from Ski to Walk mode. CRISPI® Kogatz sole and CRIPSI® Dynamic Liner. 75mm binding compatible.


Scarpa T1

The T1s have a flat sole (with no „rocker“ to make walking easier) so pressure is applied to the ski as soon as you start the turn – turn initiation is immediate, without any dealy as was the case with the older rocker-soled boots. The T1s have a medium bellows flex, stiffer then the T2s and the NTN  boots, and you can use this flex to apply more or less pressure on the ski by weighting and unweighting the foot while staying in the telemark stance. This makes the technique even more enjoyable and to date we don’t have any NTN boots with the same flex versatility. Fitwise, the T1s have a normal to narrow heel and a medium wide forefoot. This shape fits most skeirs well but if you have a very wide foot you should consider the Crispis. When telemarking the heel wants to lift up within the boot at every turn, and you need well designed buckles to keep the foot in place. Scarpa designed the 2nd buckle, called the Q-Link Mid-Strap to ensure that the foot is locked in place for maximum control. The Pebax dual injection Torsion Frame shell gives maximum lateral rigidity combined with a well designed bellows which can absorb every stance, however low you go. The Power Block Tour ski/walk mechanism lets you free up the cuff for the uphill and blocks the cuff for the downhill.


Scott Synergy

The Scott Synergy’s powerful, stable platform is built around a four-buckle design to drive the biggest skis on the deepest days. With an easy-entry tongue design and wider, more accommodating fit, the Synergy has set the standard for telemark boots’ comfort and performance.

Bindings: 7tm, 22 Design, Voile USA, Bishop


7tm bindings are currently the only releasable 75mm telemark bindings tested and approved by the German TUV according to DIN/ISO standards. The 7tm binding design has proved itself over the years and is the only 75 mm telemark standard binding offering reliable lateral release. The 7tm bindings have long been popular amongst skiers who prefer a neutral or non-active binding, less so amongst those looking for a more dynamic response at the end of the turn. 7tm have boosted the performance of the XR bindings by using a much stronger main spring in the heel unit. It’s that simple! The stronger spring provides more resistance as the spring is compressed at the start of the turn, pushing the boot harder into the toepiece and so giving more performance and control compared to the standard Power bindings. Similarly at the end of the turn, the stronger spring aids faster transitions into the next turn.

7tm Power Tour XR

Also available at the freeheeler.eu shop

The 7tm Power Tour XR has the same articulated plate that can be unlocked for climbing. The metal lever that sits underneath the toe plate rotates to lock/unlock the toe piece. It’s not the most ergonomic ski/walk system in the world but works well. The toepiece sits 33 mm above the ski due to the added height of the touring mechanism. The 7tm Power Tour XR come with climbing bars. There is a massive range of movement so when climbing you do not need to flex your boot bellows, more than you’ll ever need, so climbing is efficient from that point of view. These bindings are not the lightest for touring, weighing about 2.10 kg a pair, but many skiers will find this acceptable for a touring binding with touring with lateral release.

The 7tm Power Tour XR is available in one size that accepts ski boot sizes 23-30 MP. 7tm bindings are the world’s only releasable telemark bindings tested and approved by the German TUV according to DIN/ISO standards with DIN settings 3-11.

A good reliable 75 mm standard telemark touring binding.

7tm Power XR

Also available at the freeheeler.eu shop

The 7tm Power XR binding is 7tm’s most powerful version for strong skiers wanting a more dynamic active binding. This has been achieved by using a stronger main spring in the heel unit. These are the latest version of the 7tm bindings and give good all-round control. One size fits all boot sizes and the bindings can be adjusted for size without tools – just turn the plastic screw at the back of the heel units. The Power XR comes complete with 7tm’s handy STI step-in feature. Please note that you should use these bindings with either a safety strap, or with the 7tm ski brakes, available as options in 83 and 95 mm widths.


22 Designs Axl

The Axl is TwentyTwo Design’s touring version of the HammerHead, with an easy to deploy free-pivot mode. And it’s the only touring binding with the HammerHead’s famous adjustable pivot points for skiing down. This allows the binding to be tuned to the skiers’ size, boot size, and skiing preference, rather than a ‘one pivot fits all’ approach. It comes with the easy to use HammerHeel climber, and is made of stainless steel and polycarbonate plastic, with solid fail-proof military spec aircraft cables. It also uses the HammerHead’s proven six hole mounting pattern, and large wings for maximum control.

22 Designs Vice

The Vice is 22 Design’s 75 mm resort binding. Incorporating many of the features of the super-solid Axl but without the free pivot for touring, the Vice is designed for resort skiing. The Vice provides three pivot positions to dial in to your skiing style and the snow you’re on. 22Designs have improved on the solid active design of the HammerHead by changing the geometry to come up with the best-skiing binding on the market. If you like the HammerHead, you’ll love the Vice.

Voile Switchback&Switchback X2

In 2007, Voilé took a cue from the randonnée world and introduced the now-legendary, Voilé Switchback, a telemark binding with a foolproof, free-pivot option that greatly facilitates climbing. (And does so with the simple flick of a ski pole.) Built on the success of the Switchback, the X2 is a beefier, more-active, binding—but still an uphill wonder. And wrapped up in a sleek, minimalist design that a Scandinavian would admire and that lives up to a Voilé credo: Less is always more. Optimized for maximum power transfer, the X2 is augmented with stiffer cartridges, a much-longer toe plate and a boot pivot point relocated 26mm to the rear. The happy result is a powerful binding with superb downhill performance and the added efficiency of much-easier uphill travel. With regard to the latter, the X2 and Switchback, as well as Voilé’s 3-Pin Hardware, all feature dual-height climbing elevators. When you reach the top of your toil, just “switch back” to the X2’s downhill mode, and you’ll soon be making turns that would even make Sondre jealous.


For more telemark backcounty Voile is offering the 3-Pin Cable, 3-Pin Cable Traverse, Hardwire 3-Pin and the Heavy Duty Mountaineer


2021 BMF/3 75 mm                                                   2021 BMF/R 75 mm


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