Freeheeler Packages

You would like to participate in the Freeheeler European Opening but want to stay flexible? No problem. Thanks to the many individual Freeheeler Packages you have the choice. Whether with or without workshops, whether one day, one and a half, two … or even three days. Choose your personal package at a special price. Numerous goodies are also included in the packages.

Freeheeler Packages:

  • Skipass e.g. 1 day is 58,50€ without workshop.    Normal Kassa price is 59,50€
  • One 2,5 h Workshop: booked with the package: 40€ Additional workshops available. Without booking a package the workshop price is 50€
  • Free telemark gear test
  • free evening entertainment
  • plus free goodies:
  • Freeheeler/Tux 1280 Beer for the meet&greet on Friday&Saturday at the Tux Center


Wenn Du das Package in deutscher Sprache buchen möchtest, dann klicke bitte auf die deutsche Fahne:

For the english package booking version, please click on the union jack.

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