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Tele Rando

A super light touring randonee binding combined with our Super light telemark accessories.

Totally new for 2017/18

Two bindings in one binding? Too good to be true?

The Tele Rando offers the best from both worlds.

Springs are included.


Together you get the Tele Rando – the binding that gives you the Choice to ski the style you want when you want.


Front binding
The front binding is redesigned for this season.
Stronger, lighter and easier to use than ever before.
The resistance in the springs that open and close the front binding have been perfected. This will let you ski safely without having to lock the front binding in touring mode.
The front binding has also gotten a shoe guide that will enable to easier step into the binding.
And the Pure tele binding is easier than ever to mount. The front binding will fit all Dynafit Jigs that have the old pattern. The telemark plate also will fit the jig helping the mounting process go fast and smoot
Telemark plate
The plate is totally new for the season. Super light, strong and so easy to use that you have to test it to believe it.
With a new way of fastening the spring for the telemark part of the binding it make the binding more secure to use. It lets you click in the springs really easy, and when they are pulled down into normal position they will stay like put until you lift the springs to 87 degrees angle when it will pop out by itself.
This is a super easy way to mount the spring onto the binding. And take them off again. And for you to find the perfect pivot location we have made the plate with three different holes.
The most forward hole is often used by people with small boot sizes.
The mid holes is used by most skiers, and if you have large boots the back hole might be the best option. If you ever forget your springs at home.
No worries. With the tele rando you just flip the heel and lock in to alpine mode!
The Randonee heel
The Randonee heel on the Tele Rando also have gotten a makeover making it lighter than ever before.
Now the Randonee heel is complete. It also has double heel risers for max touring performance on the way up the mountain


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