Telemark binding booster base plate for fat skis – 2nd ski kit

1-200-telemark-binding-powder-ski-plateSince we ride fat skis, my telebuddies and me always feel like, that all telebindings have a weak interface on broad skis. You feel it on hard grounds as well as in deep powder… the Telemark binding market offers a lot of different bindings (all with different hole schemata) and some even with a second base plate to mount on a other ski… this unsatisfaying situation has led us into producing our own thing…

A base plate who offers you the mounting of the following binding types: Rottefella NTN (-2012, with metal base, from 2012 mit plastic base), Rottefella Cobra R 4/ R8, 22Designs Hammerhead, G3 Targa, G3 Enzo (with 4 screws), Bishop Bomber (old & new), Black Diamond O1-O3, Black Diamond O1, 6screw, 22Designs Hammerhead Axl, 22Designs Vice, 22Designs Outlaw NTN, Voilé USA, 7TM

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